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Vitamin C boosts ceria-based catalyst recycling

Xavier Beaudoux, Matthieu Virot, Tony Chave, Grégory Durand, Gilles Leturcq, Sergey I. Nikitenko
Green Chemistry18 (2016) 3656-3668

The facile, rapid, and complete reductive dissolution of CeO2 and ceria-based oxides, known to be highly refractive materials towards dissolution, is reported for the first time in very mild conditions. Ceria samples are dissolved at room temperature under stirring in a mixture composed of ascorbic acid and a dilute mineral acid. Normalized dissolution kinetics are compared as a function of the concentration of reactants, nature of the mineral acid, firing temperature and reactive surface area of considered oxides. Since ceria dissolution can represent a promising alternative for the recycling of automotive catalysts, solid oxide fuel cells, polishing powders, organic chemistry catalysts, sensors, etc., the potential application of the proposed procedure is then studied through the dissolution of catalyst surrogates and complex oxides: Pt/CeO2, (Ce0.75Zr0.25)O2, and (Ce0.8Tb0.2)O2. Whatever the considered sample, the complete and congruent (for mixed oxides) oxide dissolution is observed in 0.5 M ascorbic acid in the presence of dilute nitric or sulfuric acid. For Pt/CeO2 samples, ceria dissolution goes with Pt aggregation which can be easily recovered from the solution after processing due to its high stability in this medium. This eco-friendly and efficient method appears very promising for catalyst recycling in comparison to conventional procedures. After rigorous characterization of the investigated oxides (BET, SEM-EDX, XRD, TGA), dissolution progress is evaluated with ICP-OES and SEM measurements. The dissolution mechanism is then investigated with UV-Vis, ATR-FTIR and ESR spectroscopies and a general dissolution mechanism is proposed.



Vitamin C boosts ceria-based catalysts recycling
X. Beaudoux, M. Virot, T. Chave, G. Durand, G. Leturcq, S. I. Nikitenko
Green Chem. 18 (2016) 3656-3668

Ultrasound-assisted reductive dissolution of CeO2 and PuO2 in the presence of Ti particles
X. Beaudoux, M. Virot, T. Chave, G. Leturcq, G. Jouan, L. Venault, P. Moisy, S. I. Nikitenko
Dalton. Trans. 45 (2016) 8802-8815

Effect of ultrasonic frequency on H2O2 sonochemical formation rate in aqueous nitric acid solutions in the presence of oxygen
E. Dalodière, M. Virot, P. Moisy, S. I. Nikitenko
Ultrason. Sonochem. 29 (2016) 198-204

Sonochemical Water Splitting in the Presence of Powdered Metal Oxides
V. Morosini, T. Chave, M. Virot, P. Moisy, S. I. Nikitenko
Ultrason. Sonochem. 29 (2016) 512-516



Spectroscopy of Sonoluminescence and Sonochemistry in Water Saturated with N2?Ar Mixtures
T. Ouerhani, R. Pflieger, W. Ben Messaoud, S. I. Nikitenko
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Sonochemical redox reactions of Pu(III) and Pu(IV) in aqueous nitric solutions
M. Virot, L. Venault, P. Moisy, S. I. Nikitenko
Dalton Trans. 44 (2015) 2567-2574

Sonochemistry of Actinides
M. Virot, T. Chave, V. Morosini, R. Pflieger, S. I. Nikitenko, L. Venault, P. Moisy
Actinide Research Quarterly (2015) Accepted

Influence of He and Ar Flow Rates and NaCl Concentration on the Size Distribution of Bubbles Generated by Power Ultrasound
R. Pflieger, J. Lee, S. I. Nikitenko, M. Ashokkumar
J. Phys. Chem. B 119 (2015) 12682-12688

Photothermal Hydrogen Production Using Noble-Metal-Free Ti@TiO2 Core-Shell Nanoparticles under Visible-NIR Light Irradiation
S. I. Nikitenko, T. Chave, C. Cau, H.-P. Brau, V. Flaud
ACS Catal. 5 (2015) 4790-4795

La Sonochimie, une Chimie sans Réactifs
R. Pflieger, T. Chave, M. Virot, S. I. Nikitenko
Actualité Chimique N397-398 (2015) 135-136

Effect of Operational Conditions on Sonoluminescence and Kinetics of H2O2 Formation During the Sonolysis of Water in the Presence of Ar/O2 Gas Mixture
R. Pflieger, T. Chave, G. Vite, L. Jouve, S. I. Nikitenko
Ultrason. Sonochem. 26 (2015) 169-175

Catalytic Dissolution of Ceria-Lanthanide Mixed Oxides Provides Environmentally Friendly Partitioning of Lanthanides and Platinum
X. Beaudoux, M. Virot, T. Chave, G. Leturcq, N. Clavier, N. Dacheux, S. I. Nikitenko
Hydrometallurgy 151 (2015) 107-115

Influence of Ultrasonic Frequency on Swan Band Sonoluminescence and Sonochemical Activity in Aqueous tert-Butyl Alcohol Solutions
R. Pflieger, A.A. Ndiaye, T. Chave, S. I. Nikitenko
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Sonocatalytic degradation of oxalic acid in the presence of oxygen and Pt/TiO2
T. Chave, N.M. Navarro, P. Pochon, N. Perkas, A. Gedanken, S. I. Nikitenko
Catal. Today 241 (2014) 55-62

Effects of argon sparging rate, ultrasonic power, and frequency on multibubble sonoluminescence spectra and bubble dynamics in NaCl aqueous solutions
C. Cairos, J. Schneider, R. Pflieger, R. Mettin
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S. I. Nikitenko
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Thermal and sonochemical synthesis of porous (Ce,Zr)O2 mixed oxides from metal ?-diketonate precursors and their catalytic activity in wet air oxidation process of formic acid
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Multibubble sonoluminescence as a tool to study the mechanism of formic acid sonolysis
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Sonohydrothermal Synthesis of Nanostructured (Ce,Zr)O2 Mixed Oxides with Enhanced Catalytic Performance
C. Cau, Y. Guari, T. Chave, J. Larionova, P. Pochon, S. I. Nikitenko
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Uranium Carbide Dissolution in Nitric Solution: Sonication vs. Silent Conditions
M. Virot, S. Szenknect, T. Chave, N. Dacheux, P. Moisy, S. I. Nikitenko
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Luminescence of Trivalent Lanthanide Ions Excited by Single-Bubble and Multibubble Cavitations
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Sonochemical Deposition of Platinum Nanoparticles on Polymer Beads and Their Transfer on the Pore Surface of a Silica Matrix
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Hydrophobic bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide based ionic liquids pyrolysis: through the window of the ultrasonic reactor
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