Electronic microscope

Three electron microscopes are available at ICSM:

  • a Quanta 200 ESEM FEG Scanning electron microscope,
  • a Tescan VEGA3 Scanning electron microscope,
  • a JEOL 200CX transmission electron microscope.

The Quanta 200 ESEM FEG Scanning electron microscope allows for the "conventionnal" characterization of solids. The ESEM configuration have been defined in order to use the microscope as a chemical reactor and to perform in situ experiments. Specific sampler holders can be attached to the microscope such a High Temperature stage (from room temperature to 1500°C), a Peltier stage (relative humidity and temperature control), a STEM stage and a Wet-STEM stage. The EDX analyser (BRUKER XFlash® 5010 SDD) which is associated with the microscope allows for performing qualitative and quantitative microanalyses.

For further information, please contact J. Lautru (+33 4 66 79 58 03) or R. Podor (+33 4 66 33 92 02).


The JEOL 200CX transmission electron microscope is a conventional TEM equipped with an EDX (BRUKER XFlash® 5030 SDD) analyser. It is equipped with a digital camera (Photonic Science). The point-to-point resolution of this microscope is 0.25 nm.

For further information, please contact X. Le Goff  (+33 4 66 39 70 37) or H.-P. Brau (+33 4 66 79 14 48)