Conferences and workshops organized by ICSM



Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management symposium XXXIX

The 39th edition of the MRS 2015 will held November 2 – 6, 2015 at Montpellier (France).

The Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management symposium (SBNWM) is part of the Materials Research Society conference series. It is mainly focused on the treatment and disposal of low- and high-level nuclear wastes from commercial power generation and fuel reprocessing. Technologies for interim, short-term, and long-term storage and disposal are of interest, including mature processes as well as new and innovative technologies. Technologies and strategies for minimizing waste volume and long-term burden are also of interest and will be discussed, including partitioning and transmutation.
Both spent fuel final disposal and waste forms development, including glass, ceramic, metallic, and composite will be discussed. Waste form modeling, performance testing, and advanced characterization techniques are also of interest. Other topics will include design and operation of waste immobilization facilities, as well as repository design, requirements, and licensing.
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Organizers: Nicolas Dacheux (LIME), Christophe Poinssot, Julien Cambedouzou (L2ME), Nicolas Clavier (LIME), Stéphane Gin, Adel Mesbah (LIME), Stéphanie Szenknect (LIME), Mariette Tuffery, Stefan Neumeier


Current Frontiers in Liquid – Liquid Frontiers

The Liq2015 workshop will held October 21 – 23, 2015 at Institut Laue – Langevin in Grenoble (France).

The intended aim of the workshop is to promote the future development of studies at liquid-liquid interfaces using neutron and X-ray scattering techniques. The audience of the workshop will comprise scientists who are interested in catalysis, electrochemistry, transfer, soft matter mixtures and biophysics at liquid-liquid interfaces. The workshop will also appeal to scientists who may consider the extension of their studies conducted in the bulk to liquid interfaces as well as to those who have not used scattering techniques in their research to date. This workshop will also be used as a platform to identify priority areas that can have the greatest impact on the development of scattering techniques in the study of liquid-liquid interfaces in the future.
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Organizers: Richard Campbell, Fabio Comin, Olivier Diat (L2IA), Giovanna Fragneto, Yuri Gerelli (chair), Oleg Konovalov, Ernesto Scoppola


Thematic School "Surfaces et Nucléaire II"

The thematic school Surfaces et Nucléaire II will held October 6 – 9, 2015 in Mejannes-Le-Clap (France).

Cette école thématique a pour but de réunir, dans une ambiance conviviale, la communauté de chercheurs et de doctorants étudiant les modifications physico-chimiques survenant sur des surfaces, solides ou liquides, pour des problématiques liées au nucléaire. Le premier objectif de l'école est d'initier les participants à certaines techniques de caractérisation de surface par des cours donnés par des spécialistes invités. Ces techniques peuvent relever de l'analyse de la morphologie, de la microstructure, de la structure locale ou de la composition chimique des interfaces. Le second objectif est de permettre aux participants d'exprimer leurs besoins en termes de caractérisations, et d'ouvrir un espace de discussion avec les spécialistes présents, voire d'initier d'éventuelles collaborations.
L'atelier s'articulera autour de cours théoriques et généraux sur les surfaces et les interfaces, d'interventions plus spécifiques sur les techniques de caractérisations ainsi que sur les spécificités de l'analyse dans le domaine du nucléaire.
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Organizers: Stéphanie Szenknect (LIME), Sandrine Dourdain (LTSM), Diane Rébiscoul (LNER)


COST CM1101 – LabEx CheMISyst

Les Journées COST CM1101 – LabEx CheMISyst "Advances in Systems Chemistry Driving Forces" took place March 23 – 26, 2015 at ICSM.

The COST CM1101 action will combine coherently the outstanding European expertise in this field, including: theoretical modelling and experimental formation of functional and patterned interfaces; self- assembly of molecules and colloidal particles; synthesis and up-scaling of novel nano-colloidal and bio-colloidal materials; the kinetic and catalytic aspects of these novel materials; and their applications in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as in nano-devices such as sensors, assays, photonics and bio-fuel cells.
This includes many of the Grand Challenges in energy, health and environmental protection. The COST CM1101 action will provide a platform for coordination of national programs and will stimulate academia-industry cooperation. The COST CM1101 actions main deliverables will be the increased networking in colloid chemistry through the organization of scientific events (conferences, workshops), training schools and STSMs. Through an extensive mobility program targeted to early stage researchers, it will encourage their involvement in the research at the international level.
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Workshop LabEx – Recyclage métaux d'intérêt et décontamination

The last workshop organized by the LabEx CheMISyst entitled "Recyclage métaux d'intérêt et décontamination" has been held Thursday, March 12, 2015 at ENSCM (Salle de Conférence) in Montpellier.
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Organizers: S. Pellet-Rostaing, P. Hesemann



Autumn School – X-ray and neutron reflectivity

This school (October 1-3, 2014 – ICSM) brought together in a friendly atmosphere, 18 students from different research centers (Universities of Aix-Marseille, of Strasbourg, of Lille and of Pierre et Marie Curie, Louis Néel Institute of Grenoble, CEA of Saclay and Marcoule and ICSM) belonging to the community of researchers and users of reflectivity for the surface analysis.
This autumn school has trained students to theoretical principles of reflectivity, its uses, the data treatment, their analyses through lectures and practical work (sample analysis and data fitting). Finally, the school has allowed enriching and motivating exchanges between participants and organizers as well as prospects for possible collaborations.

Organizers: Sandrine Dourdain – LTSM (ICSM), Diane Rébiscoul – LNER (ICSM), Alban Jonchère – L2ME (ICSM) et Arie Van der Lee – IEM.


14ème Congrès de la Société Européenne de Sonochimie

Du 2 au 6 juin 2014, le Laboratoire de Sonochimie dans les Fluides Complexes (LSFC) a co-organisé avec le Groupe de Recherche en Eco-Extraction de produits Naturels (GREEN) de l'Université d'Avignon, le 14èmecongrès de la Société Européenne de Sonochimie « ESS14 ». Plus de 170 participants de 28 nationalités, un record historique en terme de participation. Au programme, 4 conférences plénières et 7 « keynotes » données par des personnalités scientifiques internationalement reconnues, 45 présentations orales, plus de 70 posters, le tout réparti en 4 sessions : Fondamentale, Procédés, Matériaux et Environnement. Notons également la venue de Springer Editions et la participation de 7 industriels exposants qui ont présenté de nombreux appareillages et de récentes innovations dans le domaine des ultrasons.



Annual meetig « Scanning Electron Microscopy Philips Association » (SEMPA)

The SEMPA members annual meeting has been held March 27 – 29, 2013 at ICSM. SEMPA is an association gathering users of scanning electron microscopes PHILIPS®. This association aims at facilitate the scientific and technical exchanges between microscopists.
Each year, the association organises a two-days meeting gathering scientists coming from academic and industrial laboratories. During these days, the members present their work in the scanning electron microscopy field and share their experience. These talks are complemented by external lectures as well as talks from PHILIPS® specialists in the field of instrumentation.


Workshop "Multiscale modelling: Applications to the physico-chemical processes"

The RadioChemistry and Processes Department (CEA Marcoule) with the support of Pr. Pierre Turq, and in collaboration with CFCAM (french part of CECAM) organized a workshop
"Multiscale modelling: Applications to the physico-chemical processes".
This workshop took place February, 14th and 15th 2013 at Amphitéâtre Jean Perrin, Chemical Physics Laboratory, 11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75005 PARIS, France.




EUROMAT 2011 has been held in Montpellier (September, 12th – 15th 2011), a historical and dynamic Mediterranean city in the south of France, and will aim at giving emphasis to the link between Materials Science and its applications, between academic research and industry.


32nd International Conference on Solution Chemistry

The 32nd International Conference on Solution Chemistry has been organised in France, at the sea shore La Grande Motte, near Montpellier, from August, 27th 2011 to September, 2nd 2011.