Hybrid Systems for the Separation (LHYS)

Liquid/Liquid Extraction of strategic metals (Rare earths, palladium?)

Recycling of valuable metals appears nowadays as solution of growing interest for a sustainable supply strategy. Palladium (Pd), along with other platinum group metals (PGM) and rare earth elements (REEs), represent one of the crucial issues for recovery processes. Valuation of nitric effluents containing REEs and PGM is more and more envisioned, especially in the frame of e-wastes recycling. We recently compared the behaviour of Pd and Nd during liquid-liquid (L/L) extraction from nitrate media with malonamides. During these fundamental studies, we evidenced that Pd extraction is driven by metal complexation, whereas Nd extraction deserves supramolecular ordering (aggregation) of the extracting system. Finally, selective Pd recovery was achieved.

Coordination chemistry and supramolecular ordering are both studied in detail, with focus on the general relevancy of our conclusions towards the development of efficient systems.

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