L2ME Publications (ex LM2E)



  1. "Effect of hydration and thermal treatment on ceria surface using non-intrusive techniques"
    J. Gaillard, L. Venault, R. Calvet, N. Clavier, R. Podor, M. Odorico, N. Vigier, P. Moisy.
    Journal of Nuclear Materials (2014) 444, 359-367
  2. "Surface decoration of catanionic vesicles by superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: a new carrier for on-demand magnetic delivery with mild temperature conditions"
    G. Bealle, L. Lartigue, C. Wilhelm, J. Ravaux, F. Gazeau, R. Podor, C. Menager, D. Carrière.
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys (2014) 16, 4077-4081
  3. "Environmental SEM monitoring of Ce1-xLnxO2-x/2 mixed oxide microstructural evolution during leaching"
    D. Horlait, F. Tocino, L. Claparède, N. Clavier, J. Ravaux, S. Szenknect, A. Mesbah, R. Podor, N. Dacheux.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2014) 2, 5193-5203
  4. "How hexagonal mesoporous silica evolves in water on short and lonf-term: role of pore size and silica wall porosity?"
    B. Gouze, J. Cambedouzou, S. Parres-Maynadié, D. Rebiscoul.
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2014) 183, 168-176
  5. "Facile one-pot synthesis of copper hexacyanoferrate nanoparticle functionalised silica monoliths for the selective entrapment of 137Cs"
    J. Causse, A. Tokarev, J. Ravaux, M. Moloney, Y. Barre, A. Grandjean
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2014) 2, 9461-9464
  6. "Chemical modifications of simplified radioactive waste calcine during heat treatment"
    A. Monteiro, S. Schuller, M.J. Toplis, R. Podor, J. Ravaux, N. Clavier, H.-P. Brau, H. Boucetta, T. Charpentier, F. Angeli, N. Leterrier
    Journal of Nuclear Materials (2014) 448, 8-19
  7. "Alternate dipping preparation of biomimetic apatite layers in the presence of carbonate ions"
    G. Chatelain, D. Bourgeois, J. Ravaux, O. Averseng, C. Vidaud and D. Meyer
    Biomed. Mater. 9 (2014) 015003-11
  8. "Preparation and characterisation of uranium oxides with spherical shape and hierarchical structure"
    G.I. Nkou Bouala, N. Clavier, R. Podor, J. Cambedouzou, A. Mesbah, H.P. Brau, J. Lechelle and N. Dacheux
    CrystEngComm. 16 (2014) 6944-6954
  9. "Electrochemical behavior of glass melts: application to corrosion processes"
    C. Petitjean, P.J. Panteix, , C. Rapin, M. Vilasi, R. Podor.
    Procedia Materials Science (accepted)
  10. "In situ ESEM experiment applied to the description of chemical processes during glass elaboration"
    R. Podor, S. Schuller, J. Ravaux, A. Monteiro, H. Boucetta, O. Delattre, E. Nicoleau, E. Régnier.
    Procedia Materials Science (accepted)
  11. "New Analytical Developments for Uranium Based Powder"
    S. Pages, E. Brackx, O. Dugne, N. Tissot, M. Cabie, R. Podor, M. Lahaye, E. Remy
    Microscopy and Microanalysis 20 (2014) 1834-1835
  12. "Pseudomorphical synthesis of glasses with hierarchical macro- and mesoporosity"
    M. Guillot, S. El Mourabit, J. Ravaux, A. Tokarev, F. Goettmann, A. Grandjean
    Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 197 (2014) 83-91


  1. "Combining in situ HT-ESEM observations and dilatometry: an original and fast way to the sintering map of ThO2"
    N. Clavier, R. Podor, L. Delière, J. Ravaux and N. Dacheux
    Materials Chemistry and Physics (2013) 137(3), 742-749.

  2. "Monazite as a promising long-term radwaste matrix: benefits of high structural flexibility and chemical durability"
    N. Dacheux, N. Clavier and R. Podor
    American Mineralogist (2013) 98, 833-847.

  3. "Approach of phase transformations and densification in nanostructured and (Bi2O3, ZnO, TiO2) doped silica ceramics"
    L. Nguyen, A. Maître, M. Lejeune, C. Dossou-Yovo, R. Noguéra,  R. Podor
    Ceramics International (2013) 39, 6087-6098.

  4. "Sample holder with integrated thermocouple"
    R. Podor, D. Pailhon, H.P. Brau and J. Ravaux
    Patent n° WO2013011022 (01/24/2013)

  5. "Comparison of two soft chemistry routes for the synthesis of mesoporous carbon/beta-SiC composites"
    X. Deschanels, D. Herault, G. Arrachart, C. Rey, A. Grandjean, G. Toquer, R. Podor, T. Zemb, G. Cerveau, R. Corriu
    Journal of Materials Science (2013) 48, 4097-4108.

  6. "In situ study of the crystallization mechanism in LiNbO3–SiO2 glasses"
    H. Vigouroux, E. Fargin, B. Le Garrec, M. Dussauze, V. Rodriguez, F.Adamietz, J. Ravaux, R. Podor, S. Lotarev, V. Sigaev, D. Vouagner, D. De Ligny, B. Champagnon.
    Phys. Chem. Glasses: Eur. J. Glass Sci. Technol. B, April 2013, 54 (2), 84–88

  7. "Purification of uranothorite solid solutions from polyphase systems"
    N. Clavier, S. Szenknect, D. T. Costin, A. Mesbah, J. Ravaux, C. Poinssot, N. Dacheux.
    Journal of Nuclear Materials 441 (1–3) (2013), 73-83

  8. "Vapour Pressure Dependence and Thermodynamics of Cylindrical Metal-Organic Framework Mesoparticles: an ESEM study"
    T. K. Sievers, C. Genre, F. Bonnefond, T. Demars, J. Ravaux, D. Meyer and R. Podor.
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (2013) 16160-16166

  9. "Contrôler la microstructure des céramiques nucléaires. De nouveaux outils pour des matériaux adaptables"
    N. Clavier, R. Podor, J. Ravaux, G.I. Nkou Bouala, N. Dacheux.
    L'actualité Chimique (2013) 380, 15-19



13 publications and 1 patent

  1. "Self-Healing Process in Glassy Materials"
    F. O. Méar, D. Coillot, R. Podor and L. Montagne in "Self-Healing at the Nanoscale: Mechanisms and Key Concepts of Natural and Artificial Systems". Editor(s: Vincenzo Amendola; Moreno Meneghetti. CRC Press Taylor & Francis group. 467 pages (ISBN: 9781439854730)

  2. "In situ experiments in the scanning electron microscope chamber"
    R. Podor, J. Ravaux and H.P. Brau
    Book chapter in "The Scanning Electron Microscope", In Tech Publisher (march 2012)

  3. "Dynamic aspects of cerium dioxide sintering: HT-ESEM study of grain growth and pore elimination"
    R. Podor, N. Clavier, J. Ravaux, L. Claparède, N. Dacheux and D. Bernache-Assollant
    J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. (2012) 32, 353-362

  4. "Mechanism of RuO2 crystallization in simplified borosilicate containment glass: an original in situ ESEM approach"
    H. Boucetta, R. Podor, S. Schuller, L. Stievano, J. Ravaux, X. Carrier, S. Casale, S. Gossé, A. Monteiro
    Inorg. Chem. (2012) 51(6), 3478-3489

  5. "Calcined resin microsphere pelletization (CRMP): A novel process for sintered metallic oxide pellets"
    E. Remy, S. Picart, S. Grandjean, T. Delahaye, N. Herlet, P. Allegri, O. Dugne, R. Podor, N. Clavier, P. Blanchart, A. Ayral
    J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. (2012) 32(12), 3199-3209

  6. "Preparation and characterization of synthetic Th0.5U0.5SiO4 uranothorite"
    D.T. Costin, A. Mesbah, N. Clavier, S. Szenknect, N. Dacheux, C. Poinssot, J. Ravaux, H.P. Brau
    Prog. Nucl. Energ. (2012) 57, 155-160

  7. "Kinetics of structural and microstructural changes at the solid / solution interface during dissolution of Ce0.4Nd0.6O1.7"
    S. Szenknect, A. Mesbah, D. Horlait, N. Clavier, S. Dourdain, J. Ravaux, N. Dacheux
    J. Phys. Chem. C, (2012) 116, 12027–12037

  8. "Catalytic dissolution of ceria under mild conditions"
    M. Virot, T. Chave, D. Horlait, N. Clavier, N. Dacheux, J. Ravaux, S.I. Nikitenko
    J. Mater. Chem. (2012) 22, 14734

  9. "Crystalline silicon under acoustic cavitation: from mechanoluminescence to amorphization"
    M. Virot, R. Pflieger, E. Skorb, J. Ravaux, T. Zemb, H. Möhwald
    J. Phys. Chem. C, (2012) 116[29] 15493-15499

  10. "From coordination polymers to doped rare earth oxide"
    T. Demars, M. Boltoeva, N. Vigier, J. Maynadié, J. Ravaux, C. Genre and D. Meyer
    Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., (2012) 24, 3875-3884

  11. "In situ HT-ESEM observation of CeO2 grain growth during sintering"
    R. Podor, N. Clavier, J. Ravaux, L. Claparède, N. Dacheux
    J. Am. Ceram. Soc., (2012) 95(11), 3683-3690

  12. "Synthesis and characterization of Th1-xLnxO2-x/x mixed oxides"
    D. Horlait, N. Clavier, N. Dacheux, R. Cavalier, R. Podor
    Materials Research Bulletin, (2012) 47(12), 4017-4027

  13. "Surface pressure induced 2D-crystallization of POM-based Surfactants: preparation of nanostructured thin films"
    L. de Viguerie, A. Mouret, H.P. Brau, V. Nardello-Rataj, A. Proust and P. Bauduin
    CrystEngComm (2012) 14, 8446-8453

  14. "Catanionic vesicles: method for the preparation thereof, and applications of same"
    D. Carrière, C. Ménager, G. Bealle, J. Ravaux and  R. Podor
    Patent WO/2012/123925 (09/20/2012)



14 publications in 2011

"How to explain the difficulties in the coffinite synthesis from the study of uranothorite?"
D.T. Costin, A. Mesbah, N. Clavier, N. Dacheux, C. Poinssot, S. Szenknect and J. Ravaux
Inorg. Chem. 2011 50(21), 11117-111126

"Influence of crystallization state and microstructure on the chemical durability of cerium-neodynium mixed dioxides"
L. Claparède, N. Clavier, N. Dacheux, P. Moisy, R. Podor and J. Ravaux
Inorg. Chem. (2011) 50, 9059-9072

"Stability and structural evolution of CeIV1-xLnIIIxO2-x/2 solid solutions: a coupled µ-Raman / XRD approach"
D. Horlait, L. Claparède, N. Clavier, S. Szenknect, N. Dacheux, J. Ravaux and R. Podor
Inorg. Chem. (2011) 50, 7150–7161

"A new investigation of the Cl--CO32- substitution in AFm phases"
A. Mesbah, C. Cau-dit-Coumes, F. Frizon, F. Leroux, J. Ravaux, G. Renaudin
Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2011) 94(1), 261-268

"Sonoluminescence of Tb(III) at the Extended Solid-Liquid Interface"
M. Virot, R. Pflieger, J. Ravaux and S. I. Nikitenko
The journal of physical chemistry C (2011) 115(21), 10752-10756

"Crystal structure of Kuzel’s salt 3CaO•Al2O3•½CaSO4•½CaCl2•11H2O determined by synchrotron powder diffraction"
A. Mesbah, M. François, C. Cau-dit-Coumes, F. Frizon, Y. Filinchuk, F. Leroux, J. Ravaux, G. Renaudin
Cement and Concrete Research (2011) 41, 504-509

"Influence of the Active Particles on the Self-Healing Efficiency in Glassy Matrix"
D. Coillot , F, Mear, R.  Podor and L. Montagne
Adv. Eng. Mat., 13(5), 2011, pp 426-435

"Delayed gamma power measurement for sodium-cooled fast reactors"
Coulon R., Normand S., Ban G., Barat E., Montagu T., Dautremer T., Brau H.P., Dumarcher V., Michel M., Barbot L., Domenech T., Boudergui K., Bourbotte JM., Jousset P., Barouch G., Ravaux S., Carrel F., Saurel N., Frelin-Labalme AM., Hamrita H. and Kondrasovs V.
241(1) Nucl. Eng. Design   pp 339-348

"Lewis acid- and Bronsted acid-catalyzed stereoselective rearrangement of epoxides derived from himachalenes: access to new chiral polycyclic structures"
A. El Haib, A. Benharref, S. Maynadié, E. Manoury, M. Urrutigoïty, M. Gouygou
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (2011) 22(1) 101-108

"Crystal-chemistry of the monazite structure"
N. Clavier, R. Podor et N. Dacheux
Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2011) 31, 941-976

"Preparation of morphology controlled Th1-xUxO2 sintered pellets from low-temperature precursors"
N. Hingant, N. Clavier, N. Dacheux, S. Hubert, N. Barré, R. Podor et L. Aranda
Powder Technology (2011) 208, 454–460

"NMR 1D-imaging of water infiltration into mesoporous matrices"
S. Le Feunteun, O. Diat, A. Guillermo, A. Poulesquen and R. Podor
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (2011) 29, 443–455

"Sodium solubility in CaO-MgO-SiO2 melts"
R. Mathieu, G. Libourel, E. Deloule, L. Tissandier, C. Rapin et R. Podor
Geochimica and Cosmochimica Acta (2011) 75, 608–628

"Kinetic study of the chromium solubility in soda-silicate melts"
H. Khedim, S. Abdelouhab, R. Podor, C. Rapin, M. Vilasi, P.J. Panteix, M.J. Toplis et F. Faure
Journal of non crystalline solids, (2011) 357(1), 31-42



11 publications in 2010

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"Matériaux vitreux autocicatrisants pour application à haute température"
D. Coillot, F. Méar, R. Podor et L. Montagne
Matériaux & Techniques (2010) 98, 403–407

"Solubility of Cr2O3 and Speciation of Chromium in Soda-Lime-Silicate Melts"
Khedim H., Katrina T., Podor R., Panteix PJ., Rapin C. and Vilasi M.
J. Amer. Cer. Soc., 93(5) 2010 pp 1347-135

"Autonomic Self-Repairing Glassy Materials"
D. Coillot , F. O. Méar , R. Podor and L. Montagne
Advanced Functional Materials (2010) 20, 4371–4374

"Experimental investigations and thermodynamic description of the PbO–Fe2O3 system"
I. Diop, N. David, J.M. Fiorani, R. Podor, M. Vilasi
Thermochimica Acta (2010), 510, 202-212

"Kinetics of dissolution of thorium and uranium doped britholite ceramics"
N. Dacheux, E. du Fou de Kerdaniel, N. Clavier, R. Podor, J. Aupiais
Journal of Nuclear Materials, (2010), 404(1), 33-43

"Molecular rearrangement of epoxide derived from sesquiterpenes by Lewis acid catalysis"
A. El Haib, A. Benharref, S. Maynadié, E. Manoury, J. C. Daran, M. Urrutigoïty, M. Gouygou
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry (2010) 21, 1272-1277

"Sonoluminescence from OH(C2S+) and OH(A2S+) Radicals in Water: Evidence for Plasma Formation during Multibubble Cavitation"
R. Pflieger, H.-P. Brau, S. Nikitenko
Chemistry A European Journal (2010) 16(39) 11801-11803

"Solubility of chromium oxide in binary soda silicate melts"
H. Khedim, R. Podor, P.J. Panteix, C. Rapin and M.Vilasi
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids. (2010), 356(50-51), 2734-2741

"Solid-State Synthesis of Monazite-Type Compounds Containing Tetravalent Elements"
D. Bregiroux, O. Terra, F. Audubert, N. Dacheux, V. Serin, R. Podor, D. Bernache-Assollant
ChemInform. Volume 39, Issue 8, Date: February 19, 2008

"Synthesis of carbide compounds derived from colloidal oxide and carbohydrate"
X. Deschanels, M. El Ghazzal, C. Delchet, D. Herault, V. Magnin, A. Grandjean, R. Podor, G. Cerveau, T. Zemb, and R. Corriu
Progr Colloid Polym Sci (2010) 137:47–52

"Characterisation of self-healing glassy composites by high-temperature environmental scanning electron microscopy (HT-ESEM)"
D. Coillot, R. Podor, F.O. Méar et L. Montagne
Journal of Electron Microscopy (2010), 59(5), 359-366



4 publications in 2009

"High-temperature microstructures of ternary Co-30 wt.% Cr-based alloys over the [0–2.0 wt.%] carbon range"
P. Berthod, P. Lemoine, J. Ravaux
Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2009) 467(1) 227-234

"Experimental investigations and thermodynamic description of the PbO-Bi2O3 system"
I. Diop, N. David, J.M. Fiorani, R. Podor et M. Vilasi
Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics (2009), 41(3), 420-432

"Sodium fast reactor power monitoring and clad failure detection using ADONIS system"
R. Coulon, S. Normand, G. Ban, E. Barat, T. Montagu, T. Dautremer, H.-P. Brau, V. Dumarcher, J.-L. Portier, M. Michel, L. Barbot, T. Domenech, K. Boudergui, V. Kondrasovs, A.-M. Frelin, J.-M. Bourbotte and P. Jousset
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2009, Article number 5402341, Pages 1378-1386

"Sodium fast reactor power monitoring using 20F tagging agent"
R. Coulon, S. Normand, G. Ban, V. Dumarcher, H.-P. Brau, L. Barbot, T. Domenech, V. Kondrasovs, V. Corre, A.-M. Frelin, T. Montagu, T. Dautremer and E. Barat
ANIMMA 2009 – 2009 1st International Conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation, Measurement Methods and their Applications, 2009, Article number 5503772



11 publications in 2008

"Preparation of optimized uranium and thorium bearing brabantite or monazite/brabantite solid solutions"
O. Terra, N. Dacheux, N. Clavier, R. Podor et F. Audubert
Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2008), 91(11), 3673-3682

"Redox-Control solubility of chromium in soda-silicate melts"
H. Khedim, R. Podor, C. Rapin et M. Vilasi
Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2008), 91(11), 3571-3579

"Control of alkali-metal oxide activity in molten silicates"
R. Mathieu, H. Khedim, G. Libourel, R. Podor, L. Tissandier, E. Deloule, F. Faure, C. Rapin et M. Vilasi
Journal of  Non-Crystalline Solids (2008), 354(45-46), 5079-5083

"Determination of Na2O activities in silicate melts by EMF measurements"
S. Abdelouhab, R. Podor, C. Rapin, M.J. Toplis, P. Berthod et M. Vilasi
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids  (2008), 354(26), 3001-3011

"Development of a laboratory-scale pilot for studying corrosion on MSWI heat exchangers"
F. Lebel, C. Rapin, J.F. Mareche, R. Podor, X. Chaucherie, P.Y. Guernion et J.M. Brossard
Materials Science Forum (2008), Vols. 595-598, 271-280

"Impedance spectroscopy applied to metal corrosion study"
C. Rapin, R. Podor, J. Gassert et M. Vilasi
Materials Science Forum (2008), Vols. 595-598, 1119-1126

"Relationship between chromia solubility and superalloy corrosion in silicate melts – a first attempt"
H. Khedim, S. Abdelouhab, R. Podor, C. Rapin et M. Vilasi
Materials Science Forum (2008), Vols. 595-598, 621-627

"La recherche verrière en France : Le Laboratoire de Chimie du Solide Minéral"
C. Rapin, R. Podor, M. Vilasi, P. Berthod et P. Steinmetz
Verre (2008), 14(1), 8-10

"Kinetics of high temperature oxidation of (Nb,Co,Cr)7Si6 and (Nb,Co,Cr)8Si7 silicide compounds"
F. Zamoum, T. Benlaharche, N. David, R. Podor, M. Vilasi
Intermetallics (2008), 16(4), 498-507

"Modelling of the grain growth and the densification of SnO2-based ceramics"
A. Maître, D. Beyssen, R. Podor
Ceramics International (2008), 34(1), 27-35

"Sodium fast reactors power monitoring using high resolution and high count rate gamma spectrometry. simulation study"
R. Coulon, S. Normand,L. Barbot, T. Domenech, A.-M. Frelin, V. Kondrasovs, E. Barat, T. Montagu, T. Dautremer, J. Lefevre, V. Dumarcher, H.-P. Brau and G. Ban
IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2008, Article number 4774558, Pages 973-977