Hybrid Systems for the Separation (LHYS)

Photocatalytic MOF on solid support

MOFs have largely been prepared as crystalline powders and rarely as thin-film on a substrate (solid support). Generally, chemical deposition on support is focused on transparent conductive surfaces based on fluorine tin oxide (FTO) and indium tin oxide (ITO). Thin films composed of MOFs with photo response properties are of essential interest to develop new technological devices meeting requirement for industrial processes. It is an important step to use MOFs materials in a functional electronic device.


Our objective is to develop new methods to deposit photosensitive MOFs on a conductive surface. MOF crystals could be reasonably incorporated into a solar energy device but one interesting and more promising alternative would be to synthesize directly MOFs as supported thin films in order to control the surface deposition and the repeatability. First, we want to explore the direct growth of functional MOFs on conductive surfaces by solvothermal technics as preliminary attempt to obtain solids supported devices


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