Séminaire ICSM - Pr. Pratap Bahadur

Pr. Pratap Bahadur, du VNSG University Surat India donnera un séminaire intitulé « Surface, Colloid and Polymer Science – A bird’s eye view of my half century romance » le lundi 23 avril 2018 à 14h30 (salle mezzanine)

Studies on phase behaviour, micellization and micellar characteristics, rheology etc have been performed using physico-chemical methods via surface tension / viscosity / conductance / solubilisation and instrumental techniques, spectral (IR & NMR), scattering (DLS, SLS, ELS, SANS), thermal (HSDSC, ITC), microscopic (cryoTEM, AFM), chromatographic (GPC, HPLC), steady state and time resolved fluorescence, oscillatory shear measurements, surface film balance etc.