Microstructural evolution of UO2 pellets containing metallic particles of Ru, Rh and Pd during dissolution in nitric acid solution: 3D-ESEM monitoring.


Equipe LIME/LM2E

Dense pellets of UO2 incorporating PGMs particles with a microstructure similar to that of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) were prepared in laboratory. Dissolution tests in nitric acid, followed via 3D-ESEM technique, demonstrated that in the presence of PGMs, the uranium dissolution rate was increased and the induction period was shortened. 

Lire l'article DOI : 10.1016/j.hydromet.2019.07.001
T.Cordara, S.Szenknect, R.Podor, V.Trillaud, L.Claparede, X.Le Goff, A.Mesbah, C.Lavalette, N.Dacheux, Hydrometallurgy. 188, p182 (2019)