Use of NH (A3Pi_X3sigma-) sonoluminescence for diagnostics of nonequilibrium plasma produced by multibubble cavitation

In this work, the sonoluminescence of NH radicals has been evaluated as a new spectroscopic probe for the nonequilibrium plasma produced by multibubble cavitation in liquids.

(équipe LSFC)

The experiments were performed in aqueous ammonia solutions subjected to power ultrasound at low and high frequencies and under two different rare gases (Ar and Xe). Monitoring of the sonochemical activity indicates the formation of H2 and N2H4, while no H2Oaccumulates under these conditions. In the presence of Xe, NO is also formed as a sonolysis product. The appearance of new possible reaction pathways under Xe is made possible by the higher plasma electron density and correlates with sonoluminescence data.

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Rachel Pflieger, Temim Ouerhani, Thierry Belmonte and Sergey I. Nikitenko,  PCCP. 19 26272 (2017)